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About Lis

Life is like art and art is like life. It’s messy, unpredictable, full of mystery and magic, joyful and at times painful. To make art is a beautiful way to give expression to all of this.

‘Soul art’ is a way to access our internal world and to bring it to life in this external realm.

Creating from a place deep within, has the potential to heal and transform. It has the potential to help us to release and find freedom, to tap into our wildness, our authentic nature and to be truly present.

I began painting many moons ago whilst travelling. Singing & drumming under the stars in Spain, trekking through the Australian rainforest, riding bareback on elephants in Thailand, meditating under a Banyan tree in India were a few of many experiences that inspired and influenced my art. Now my inspiration for my art comes from everything I see and feel.

I have always loved colour and started out as an Interior Designer. I am constantly enchanted by the colours, patterns and beauty of the natural world around me.

In recent years I have become more experimental and found a wonderful freedom and new way of creating. This has led to what I call ‘soul art’. Using mediation, music, mindfulness, dance, movement and sacred ceremony as ways to connect within and then to paint from this deeply connected space.

I now divide my time between the UK and my cabin in the mountains of Andalusia. Spending more time in nature has brought me a renewed sense of self-discovery, joy and connectedness that I wish to share through my art.

♥ I hope you enjoy my Soul Art ♥

A piece of art is never a finished work. It answers a question which has been asked, and asks a new question.

Robert Engman