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I am a lover of life, a dreamer, a rebel, a discoverer, an adorer of colour. I started out as an interior designer but in recent years felt a deep desire to paint and to express who I am in this way.

I see art as so much more than just the act of painting…it’s a journey of self-discovery. It is truth expressing. It is healing and a way to make sense of our internal and external worlds. To make art is to go on a mysterious and magical adventure, a voyage into the unknown.

I believe Art is my soul’s voice, calling out from deep within me. Through listening to this voice, using meditation, music, dance and mindfulness as tools to assist me, I can explore its messages and give them form. I can allow whatever needs to come forth to emerge from the depths of my being….

And you can too.

I believe that everyone can paint and my mission is to inspire people to find their ‘inner artist’ and to use art as a way to express and to heal.

"It is said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet."

Kojiro Tomita

My artwork

New Beginnings

Life is like a book. when one chapter ends another begins. We each have a unique story made of beginnings and endings. We can remember that each ending, or phase in life also heralds a new beginning. Lessons can be learned from our previous chapters so that we can enter the new one with awareness and consciousness and an understanding that our story is unfolding just as it's meant to and is perfect for us.

Summers End

The cycle of life has seasons. When a season ends a new one begins. It is important for us to go with the flow of the seasons. Spring is for renewed energy, new projects; Summer is a time of full energy of 'doing' & 'creating', Autumn is a time of harvesting and reaping the rewards of the previous seasons activity and a time to slow down in preparation for Winter. Winter is a time to rest and recuperate. To go inwards and reflect on the year. It's time for restoration in preparation for the New Year ahead.

Heaven On Earth

Often 'Heaven' is thought of and referred to as a place 'out there' somewhere. Yet I believe that Heaven is here on this Earth and here inside of us. If you look around and see the world through 'Heavenly' eyes, you will see the beauty and perfection in everything. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world. If we spend time each day to connect with that place, that 'Heaven' deep within us, we will see the world through 'Heavenly' eyes once more.